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La Liga Top 5 Pay Players

Although the average salary of the Premier League is higher than that of La Liga, the highest-paid players in the world still live in Spain. There are 39 La Liga players who earn more than £ 100,000 a week, 17 more than £ 200,000 a week, and eight more than £ 300,000 a week. Who…Continue Reading

Top Scorers in Europe’s 2018

Brazilian Jonas Gonzalez Oliveira, who currently plays for Benfica, was led by a European scorer with 33 goals in 30 games.At the same time, the performance of Mohamed Salah continued to improve, because he is now the second European scorer, scoring 29 goals more than Messi, and Robert Lewandowski scored 27 goals. In 32 games,…Continue Reading

The top 5 European leagues in the past decade

Fans of all ages point to different aspects, comparing the top five leagues – winning the European Trophy, the UEFA coefficient, the competitiveness of an alliance, the charisma ratio, the race attendance, the audience… This continues There is, and with the decline of memetics, new debates have surfaced.Therefore, after careful consideration, we decided to rank…Continue Reading