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La Liga Top 5 Pay Players

La Liga Top 5 Pay Players

Although the average salary of the Premier League is higher than that of La Liga, the highest-paid players in the world still live in Spain.

There are 39 La Liga players who earn more than £ 100,000 a week, 17 more than £ 200,000 a week, and eight more than £ 300,000 a week.

Who is the highest player in Spain in 2018? Who is the highest player in Spanish La Liga 2018? Superstar of Real Madrid Cristiano Ronaldo is the second highest paid player in La Liga. Who is the highest player in Spanish La Liga 2018?

5) Phillipe Coutinho (£240,000/week)

In fifth place is Brazilian midfielder Philippe Coutinho, who arrived in La Liga in Barcelona in January.Coutinho’s transfer from Liverpool costs more than £ 105 million, making him the third-highest player ever.Coutinho is a little magician who can compete in the side or midfield. He has extraordinary skills, skillful hats and evil long shots.Since reaching the Camp Nou, he scored 3 goals in 12 games and with Muhammad Sala’s brilliance for Liverpool means they did not feel his departure as expected.

4) Luis Suarez (£290,000/week)

Another South American who left Liverpool in Barcelona to add to Coutinho is central forward Luis Suarez.The 31-year-old was absolutely sensational in his last season at Anfield, winning the Premier League’s golden boxing with 31 goals in 33 games.Since his departure to La Liga, Suarez has carried out an even more fruitful campaign after routing Messi Ronaldo’s duopoly over La Liga’s top scorer in 2015-16, when he scored 40 goals in the league and 59 in all competitions.Suarez is Uruguay’s top scorer, and he has 24 goals in 40 games for Barcelona this season.

3) Gareth Bale (£350,000/week)

Gareth Bale is the third best player in La Liga. After he joined Real Madrid from Tottenham in 2013, Bell became the most expensive player in history.At first glance, Bell won 10 trophies in Bernabeu in less than five years, including three league titles.But in fact, Bell’s injury season was tricky. His reserves dropped to the point where he was no longer a key figure in Zidanezida. He was a comparison with Messi and Ronaldo several years ago.This shows that Bell’s talent is obvious, if he can get rid of injuries and return to the best condition, he should become one of the highest paid players on the planet.

2) Cristiano Ronaldo (£365,000)

Not surprisingly, there is a gap between the third and the second between these five. Ronaldo is one of the highest paid players on the planet. Even in the 33 years of absolute superiority of nature, Ronaldo is still one of the best players on the planet.

He modified his game very cleverly, using his brilliant move, looking forward to and ensuring that he did not die before playing too hard during the year. Obviously, when Ronaldo scored 42 goals, he will be better than expected this time last season because he has 37 names in 35 games of his name and the Golden Globe Cristiano Ronaldo’s five-times average. Better than goals in Madrid match.He is undoubtedly one of the most effective players in the history of football. All you want is the salary of football. Ronaldo is worth more than it is in Madrid.

1).Lionel Messi (£500,000/week)

In the best place as the best player in La Liga and the best player in the world, it would not be fair if Lionel Messi did not earn more than anyone else in the world.

A man without competition in the modern game, now at the age of 30, and now we are happy to describe Messi as the greatest football player of all time since we are incredibly lucky to watch this genius take the field every week and will miss him When he hangs his boots.

Messi is the most prolific scorer in the top five leagues of Europe, and he has the most help after the entries, but the number do not really justify it. Messi combines the absolute joy to watch along with that, which is mercilessly effective when hammering The gate and is a creative force.Me issi’s all-season game has never been better, and he tops the table for La Liga and assists this season again this season

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