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5 outstanding players who have never participated in the World Cup

5 outstanding players who have never participated in the World Cup

The success of a football player is often compared to his performance in club football. While winning a trophy at a football club is an ambitious achievement itself, but when players pick up silver in their country colors, his career is considered complete.

We have already seen how many players who are working hard (even changing rods) to participate in the World Cup, however, there are also some incompetent who cover the continent, their fiery form of football club but never get the biggest game The chance to play world football.

5 Ryan Giggs (Wales)

With March 2018, winning more titles in the Premier League than other teams won trophies, Giggs is undoubtedly the most successful player, who played in the Premier League.One of the club’s people, Giggs spent his entire career at the “Old Trafford” club. They led to 13 Premier League titles, two Champions League trophies, Four-Football Cup, etc. .

Despite this, the Talisman High Speed Welshman can never claim to have an important international championship with his native Wales. Welsh was the last to qualify for the World Cup in 1958. They broke into the quarter-finals of Brazil.

In October 1991, Giggs played as a substitute in an away game with the German team. His final match in Wales was the 2008 European Championship qualifier. He led the team against the Czech Republic on June 2. During the 16 years of Welsh players, Wales could not participate in the World Cup and European Championships.

4) Eric Cantona (France)

With the English Premier League in the past five years in the four championships and England two leagues and cups, it is not surprising that he was affectionately named a faithful ally “Kings of the Kings.” Reaching the states changed the fate of the “Red Devils” and played a key role in the revival of “Manchester United” in a strong football country in the 90s.

For all his laureates in the club’s career, the states are in poor state when it comes to his native country, France’s performance, in the World Cup.

In August 1987, the then national team coach Henry Michel was awarded a broad international debut. In September 1988, after the national team had been abandoned, an angry Michel Cantona in a television interview after the match led him to indefinitely prohibit alleged “bag shit” from all international matches.

However, shortly thereafter, Michel was fired because he could not lead France in the 1990 World Cup. Four years later, in Houllier, France once again failed to qualify for the 1994 World Cup and lost 2-1 in the final game at home to Bulgaria.

In January 1995, Cantona was banned from playing for the Manchester United fans in the Crystal Palace at Selhurst Park. At the time of Cantona’s suspension, he lost the role of midfielder Zidane. Through this infuriation, Guangzhou finally completed its international career with France after winning a one-point victory on January 18, 1995: 0 in the Netherlands.

3) George Weah (Liberia)

King George invited Liberia to participate in trade clubs in France, Italy and the United Kingdom. Wenger looked for his talent in Europe for the first time in 1988 and signed his signature in Monaco. Four years later, Vii moved to Paris Saint-Germain in 1992. He won the championship in 1994 and became the best shooter in the 1994-95 UEFA Champions League.

Then Vieira moved to Milan in 1995. He spent four years in a successful season and even won two titles in Serie A. It was widely recognized by all the time. Weia was named the world’s greatest football player of the year 1995 in Africa. One of them, also won the Golden Globe d’Or, became the first and only African player to win these awards (starting in 2018).

Although he achieved numerous successes in the club, he could not achieve the same success of the national team (also known as “Lone Star”). As one of the smallest countries in the world of football, Lu is also in his hands to support the national team: In addition, he is a star player in the team, he later played the role of coach, and even funded the “lone star.” In spite of all his efforts, Liberia failed to qualify for any World Cup match. The pain is ranked behind in 2002.


2 George Best (Northern Ireland)

As a member of Manchester United’s Trinity, George Best is one of the biggest legends in Matt Busby Manchester United. His style of play combines speed, skill, balance, double feet and the ability to score and defend. It is no wonder that he helped Manchester United score two Premier League trophies (1964-65, 1966-67) and the European Cup in 1968. The best season was later named the European Footballer of the Year and FWA Footballer of the Year.

Although the Irish Football Association thought he was “the greatest player ever to pull the Northern Ireland Celtics”, Bass will never participate in the world’s biggest football event. At his peak, Northern Ireland failed to qualify for the 1966, 1970 and 1974 World Cups.

When the Northern Ireland team finally qualified for the World Cup in 1982, Beli Bingham’s manager fully considered Best. However, at the age of 36, due to age and alcoholism, his football skills gradually weakened (in fact, since he was wearing a famous green jersey the last time he has been more than five years), Best was not selected Into the Northern Ireland team.


1) Alfredo Di Stefano (Argentina and Spain)

The only player on this list who represents two countries on the international level (this is also considered to be the Colombian national team to play, but the report shows that it is not an international team), Di Stefano is not better than Real Madrid Legend has it. After winning the European Cup five times in a row from 1955 to 1960 and winning all the victories, he played an important role in the club’s reign in the European Champions League and La Liga in the 1950s.

On the international level, the “Blondinskaya Arrow” (because it is kindly called) played two different national teams in his career: he played Argentina 6 times, 31 times with the Spanish national team, scored 23 goals .He also used the Columbia XI four times. This is a team made up of some of the best players in the league. They often mistakenly participated in the Colombia International Tournament (Columbia’s 11th consecutive FIFA recognition).

In the first game of the World Cup, he played in it, in the 1950’s game, but Argentina has decided not to participate, and 24-year-old Stefano missed his first chance to participate in the World Cup.Four years later, Argentina decided not to participate in the 1954 World Cup. In 1956, due to the requirement of “real” removal of international players, Stefano had acquired Spanish nationality and made his debut in the friendly match of Madrid in the Spanish national team on January 30, 1957, in which he scored 5 wins. Hat trick: 1,

However, one year later Spain cannot claim the 1958 World Cup. In 1961, Di Stefano (36 years old) helped Spain qualify for the 1962 World Cup after winning five European Cup titles at Real Madrid. Unfortunately, the muscle injury before the game made him unable to compete. As he was older than him, Di Stefano finally put on his shoes, perhaps becoming the greatest player ever to participate in the World Cup.

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