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5 players Liverpool should never have sold

5 players Liverpool should never have sold

Over the years, there have been many good players in “Liverpool”, but there are also some players who will feel sorry about the sell-off. These players are able to provide more, but their journey with Liverpool is interrupted, either because of managers’ arrogance or incredible quotes from other clubs.

One of the most successful clubs in the history of “Liverpool” has been struggling to win major trophies recently. Although the future is bright, and the new manager Jurgen Klopp, based at the Anfield Club, can easily react with these catastrophic decisions.Who knows that these 5 players have already been sold, Liverpool could have achieved greater success than today

5) Fernando Torres

In particular, Fernando Torres shocked Liverpool fans and fans when he had a transition period for Chelsea in the Premier League. The 2010-11 season is a lively season for Liverpool. Roy Hodgson had just been fired and Liverpool tried to score in the English Premier League under the legend of Kenny Daglish.

When Fernando Torres’s favorite fans submitted a transfer request, the season became worse and worse. Many Liverpool fans feel betrayed. As the Spaniard said before, Liverpool is the only Premier League club he can participate in.

As Liverpool provided Ajax with Luis Suarez’s service, the vibration of Torres’s departure has eased. Although many fans from Liverpool believe that the decision to sell Torres in January 2011 is correct, the possible cooperation between Torres and Suarez at Anfield will inevitably shiver opponents’ defenses.

4) Luis Suarez

In 2013/14 season, Luis Suarez may be the best 9 points in the world and almost won Liverpool in the English Premier League. The Barcelona forward is easily the best player in Liverpool for the past three years, and his loss in Liverpool may make Brandon Rogers take up his job.

The Uruguayan team in Mauritius was sold after the unsuccessful bite with Chiellini in the World Cup, but the Merseyside club had to do its best to keep its superstar.For Liverpool, it was difficult to save Suarez when he called in Barcelona. Now fans from Liverpool can only think about what might happen if Suarez stays in Merseyside. After moving Uruguay’s dream to Spain, he achieved remarkable success. He continued to consolidate his tradition as one of the best players of this generation.

3) Javier Mascherano

Mascherano, Alonso, Gerrard. What is Liverpool midfielder! However, first Alonso went, then Mascherano and Liverpool tried hard to find solidity and quality in their midfield. The midfield defender, mainly Mascherano, is still very experienced in reading the game, breaking the offense and choosing the right pass. In the field of hard athletes and leaders, Liverpool really missed the service of a serious Argentine midfielder.

Conquering Mascherano in Liverpool from 2007 to 2010 means that the Merseyside giants play their best football and as one of the best teams in the English Premier League. However, Barcelona’s bait was too strong for Mascherano. The Argentine midfielder became a podium for the Nou Camp. Barcelona player recently said in an interview with the Guardian why he left Liverpool

2) Raheem Sterling

Enabling Imperial Sterling on this list may make a lot of “Liverpool” fans, but watching him perform with “Manchester City” this season, Liverpool and Jurgen Klopp can still shake my incredible head, they How to let a talented winger leave. When Manchester City ranked a lot of money, the head of the pound was opened, but the Merseyside County giants are likely to dig more of their high heels.

With the ability to ease his past opponents and afflict the way of running against defenders, the pound has so far shown great potential in his short career. Kolop was puzzled that Liverpool sold it, his famous quote:

“What is Sterling’s number?” 80 million pounds? Only 49 million pounds! “

1)Xabi Alonso

“Liverpool” won the Champions League championship trophy, the 2005 FA Cup, 2006, and then “Community Shield.” They reached the UEFA Champions League final in 2007 and won second place in the English Premier League 2008-09.

Afterwards, Alonso sold to “real” and “Liverpool” since trying to find an amazing alternative to the Spaniards. It has been estimated that replacing Aquilani has never had the same quality and problems that often occur with injuries. Suddenly, the defenders didn’t cover and looked unsteady. Lucaslev improved, but he has never been like Alonso.

Benitez may give Liverpool a great victory in 2005, but he was also the biggest mistake made in the Premier League era in Liverpool when he decided to sell Alonso. Steven Gerrard Benitez in his autobiography “My History”:

“This is a catastrophic decision to sell Alonso, especially down to 300,000 pounds – now it looks like a bounce, when you think about it all feel that he later made “real” “Bavarian” and In Spain, winning the Euro and the World Cup,

“All blame me for Rafa’s total loss of Alonso. He can still play in Liverpool after 67 years after he retired in 2009.”

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