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The top 5 European leagues in the past decade

The top 5 European leagues in the past decade

Fans of all ages point to different aspects, comparing the top five leagues – winning the European Trophy, the UEFA coefficient, the competitiveness of an alliance, the charisma ratio, the race attendance, the audience… This continues There is, and with the decline of memetics, new debates have surfaced.Therefore, after careful consideration, we decided to rank ourselves. Let us know that this is the current official ranking. Any person with different opinions will be forced to stand trial and be sued.

5) Ligue 1

Although the first three PSG titles allowed them an average of 10 points, the 2015/16 season is the most one-sided in football history.The Capital Club won the championship with 31 horses in 31 games. The second Lyon Lyon is actually closer to the relegation zone than the trophy.

The growth of Monaco last season coincided with the decline of PSG after Unai Emery won the first place. However, in addition to the fleeting hopes of the Champions League in the league, either destroyed by Barcelona, or calm (but effective), this leaves Juventus silent and they have nothing else in the league.Joining PSG’s Neimar (perhaps Kylian Mbappe), the championship battle has actually ended and Monaco has lost its best talent. They will fight, but it is difficult to see the PSG as a favorite in the league. Their senior team has little resources to climb two big balls.

4) Bundesliga

Like France, it is difficult to find a team in Germany to improve the league championship. From 2007/08, “Bayern Munich” won the Bundesliga title seven times, ranking at least in the top three. In Germany, Borussia Dortmund of Jurgen Klopp challenged the established order of things twice in the 2010/11 season and the 2011/12 season, sparking an exciting and fierce football brand that won numerous fans.

However, one thing that the Bundesliga team is trying to win for them is to participate in the competition on average, which is the highest of the top five. They are the only leagues that regularly participate in more than 40,000 leagues, thanks to large stadiums and cheaper tickets – so cheap that you can get daily ticket prices before major conferences in the English Premier League. This has brought great experience to German fans. The league has done its utmost to accumulate the social quest to give German fans an cult status in recent years. But he is still one of the major leagues – especially in Europe, only the Bavarian team can reach the quarter-finals in the regular season.

3) Serie A

After the reign of Inter Milan and the subsequent deposition of Jose Mourinho, Serie A fought in a slumping position in Europe. Continental heavyweight players such as Milan and Inter Milan are unable to restore their former glory. Juventus is a sleeping giant and he has to wake up.

Juventus has now won the final six consecutive championships. After Maximiliano Allegri was appointed as substitute for Antonio Conte, they also reached two Champions League finals. However, the collapse of the Milan club showed that Serie A lost its glory and charm. San Siro as the Colosseum of the Champions League saw the empty terraces when the fans got into their owners, which is why Milan and Inter Milan now have new ambitious owners ready to return them to the top of the European football pyramid.

“Rome” and “Naples” have already replaced the Champions League game and qualifications, but they are still some of the world-class players who cannot play a decisive role in the championship process. A few years ago, the A series on this list may be even lower. But the league is no longer defensive, but it is postponed – only in recent years. In fact, there were 1212 goals in the 2016/17 season – the third largest in history!

2) Premier League

Ten years ago, the English Premier League will have nothing. There is no shadow of doubt. The traditional top four are frequent visitors in the Champions League knockout. Sometimes this is because they are eliminated because they pump each other just bad luck.

However, Grace’s decline in the Premier League as Chelsea won the Champions League title in 2012 and was questioned. For many reasons, the English club simply has no need to reach the end.Turning off the graphics equipment, the lack of winter vacation, and the fierce competition – they all have the fact that the army was exhausted and the merchants of the end of the season made a contribution.But you will not get anything from the Premier League. It is easy to become the best in the European League, with billions of dollars each season. Typical rugby and the breathtaking atmosphere of the grandstand.

With the difference in weight, playing a huge role in the final position, the team does not have the luxury to sit down even if there is a healthy lead, which is why the Premier League can be defined in two words: Goal Superstar! This also shows that farmers complain about “defending death.”Although the interest and audience have continued to increase, the quality has also declined. There is no emphasis on this fact than when Lester defeated the 5000/1 with all the top teams who failed to achieve to win the league championship.

1) La Liga

The Spanish League cannot be sold like the English Premier League, but they slowly get there. There are two of the best players in the world in Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi. Their trade in the country certainly helps, but there are more in La Liga than in Real Madrid and Barcelona.

Atletico Madrid defeated the double-headed monopoly with the victory of the Champions League, thanks to the fact that the La Liga team is no longer a double horse event and the Sevilla team has won three league titles until 2014.No league saw more teams entering the knockout stage of European events. The Super Bowl and the Club Cup are also gathered in the Spanish Club and they are currently the most successful in Europe.

The last four champions of the Champions League went to the Spanish clubs (three in Real Madrid and one in Barcelona and won three times). Barcelona itself has won four years of ten years.Aside from the trophy, these are the technical aspects of La Liga. This makes watching very interesting. The English Premier League will allow you to get half of the game “play in the air” (Pepe Guardiola’s words) on the edge of the seat with its physical shock and glory.

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