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5 outstanding players who have never participated in the World Cup

The success of a football player is often compared to his performance in club football. While winning a trophy at a football club is an ambitious achievement itself, but when players pick up silver in their country colors, his career is considered complete. We have already seen how many players who are working hard (even…Continue Reading

5 players Liverpool should never have sold

Over the years, there have been many good players in “Liverpool”, but there are also some players who will feel sorry about the sell-off. These players are able to provide more, but their journey with Liverpool is interrupted, either because of managers’ arrogance or incredible quotes from other clubs. One of the most successful clubs…Continue Reading

The top 5 European leagues in the past decade

Fans of all ages point to different aspects, comparing the top five leagues – winning the European Trophy, the UEFA coefficient, the competitiveness of an alliance, the charisma ratio, the race attendance, the audience… This continues There is, and with the decline of memetics, new debates have surfaced.Therefore, after careful consideration, we decided to rank…Continue Reading